At Capital City Cleaning & Supply, Inc. we are a family owned and operated business that prioritizes the needs of our customers.  We collaborate with our customers to help them meet and exceed their goals.  

Our relationships with our customers allow us to help them create healthy buildings, lasting impressions, and economical solutions to everyday problems.  We serve as a sustaining resource for our customers as we continually strive to help them meet the challenges they frequently encounter. 

David D’Orazio
Dave D’Orazio founded Capital City Cleaning & Supply, Inc. in 1998 and currently serves as the President.  Dave has built his business by building strong relationships and having an eye for detail.  “I see how things look and picture how they could be improved upon.”  Dave’s passion is to assist his clients in preserving their facility’s appearance, and asks, "Does the appearance of your facility reflect the quality of your product or service?"

Jill D’Orazio
Vice President/Co-Owner
Jill joined the firm shortly after its startup in 1998 when it was apparent there was more work than one person could handle.  She oversees our office administration, including customer service, human resources, and accounting.  When not at work, you’ll find Jill enjoying her family, where ever that takes her!

Brad D’Orazio
Vice President of Sales
Brad has worked at Capital City Cleaning & Supply, Inc since 2001.  In addition to maintaining relationships with current customers, Brad pursues new business opportunities with potential customers.  Brad also provides training for customers with equipment, carpet cleaning, and hard floor care in both English and Spanish.  Outside of work Brad is involved with coaching high school baseball.  He holds an undergraduate and masters degree from Edgewood College.